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Joseph Prince: Support or Detract him?

Joseph Prince: Support or Detract him?

A decade ago, I left my promising career because of a calling to be an evangelist. The first logical step was to go to a bible school. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t go to a bible school, but the school of the Holy Spirit. Graduation time 

Brevity of Life in the Timeline of Eternity

Brevity of Life in the Timeline of Eternity

On a painful journey to open up old wounds and forgive. On a low self esteem journey of seeing how all the things I do seem unfruitful and thus almost meaningless as a result. On a sleepless journey of not having enough sleep through the 

Give us time to forgive Ravi Zacharias

Give us time to forgive Ravi Zacharias

I just have to get it out of my system. My thoughts are all over the place, but I will try my best to sound coherent here. I have filtered and kept some of my most judgy comments to my bedroom talk with my husband. 

Full Term?

Initially I wanted baby to come later at full full term of 40th week because of my fear of labour pain and the first year with a newborn. But soon, I rather get over and done with instead of living everyday on the tenterhooks. So 


It’s a hot topic now. Even if the Christians don’t blame God, non believers will be quick to point out, “Where is your God?” God didn’t send out the virus, but Satan/Devil did. So it’s natural that the enemy attack Christians, God’s people. But this 

Contentment, fear and faith

CONTENTMENT In the midst of crisis, the one thing you will look forward to is the simple rhythms of life. The desire for normalcy to return. Once you’re out of crisis, you deeply appreciate the moments of a mundane life. So while you are in 

Life’s Short

I’ve so many drafts in my mind that I want to flesh out and publish. But other things seem to take priorities, and writing took a back seat. My recent life lesson from God: Life’s unpredictable. Life’s short. No matter how well man plans, life 

Motherhood in Church

I love my church, but no church is perfect. In a big church, one has to be more proactive getting support, and I’m not. The mother’s group the church connected me to was more like a support group for the servers. They are mothers with 

Treasure the Heavenly Treasures

The moment I was out of the train, I quickened my steps. I was late for church. I climbed up the steep escalators, one after another and zoomed past the people standing still on the left lane. Why weren’t the people in a hurry to