When it’s War

When it’s War

Bomb. The first bomb dropped. Everyone scurried to shelter. When peace descended, everyone rushed to the grocery shops to stock up food and other essentials. Hospitals were filled, doctors and nurses working tirelessly, selflessly. The siren went off, and everyone ran back to their own 

Waterfall: Finding Solace

This short story was for a writing contest in 2017.  Image: www.playbuzz.com She closed her eyes, breathed in the cold air, and listened to the loud symphony. The waters poured on all four sides and violently hit the grounds of the earth. It roared and thundered 

Iceland – Regard the Moon!

This short story was for a writing contest in 2016.  Many authors have drawn parallels between Iceland and the moon. Here’s mine: Image: www.pinterest.com/pin/357262182919565992 From high above, the wrinkled rugged texture of the ground suggested we were landing on another planet—stark and barren like the