Give and Bless

I hope my writings at my writings have blessed you, be it my personal blog or practical matters relating to your travel, home, and baby. You can partner with me to bless many more others. Every time you bless, you sow the seed and water the plant (of awesome content) with me.

Here are a few ways you can bless:

  • Contribute financially to the running of the website (scroll down for ways to do so);
  • Share about JoogoStyle with your friends and family;
  • Follow JoogoStyle on Instagram, Instagram (For Parents) or Facebook; and
  • Send encouragement to me through your comment, DM, or email ([email protected]).

I am grateful for your support in any way.

Thank you and bless you,

Ways to Give (Financially)

Thank you for your generous heart! I know the seed you bless will be multiplied back to you in an abundant harvest.

You can remain anonymous or leave your name and email address so I can drop you a note of thank you!

Here are a few ways you can sow:

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