Life’s Short

I’ve so many drafts in my mind that I want to flesh out and publish. But other things seem to take priorities, and writing took a back seat.

My recent life lesson from God:

Life’s unpredictable. Life’s short. No matter how well man plans, life can throw a curveball and put things in disarray. Things that matter don’t seem to matter that much in the face of death.

Physical suffering easily brings about emotional and mental torment that can exceed the physical pain. In the “trinity” of pain, our spiritual health is so important to help us forge through all these and keep us going on.

I should get down to write about my whole hospital experience and include what I’ve written here. It was such a traumatic week, but such a week of learning. About empathy of others in physical weakness, poor financial health, and old age. About taking communion, praying and believing, and gathering of saints to pray.