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Started off as joogojuice.com, I offered cold pressed juices. Now, it has evolved into Joogostyle.com, where I offer practical juices for travellers, homeowners and parents.

Travel the world with me at travel.joogostyle.com. Detailed itineraries.

Build your home with me at home.joogostyle.com. Renovation, home care and recipes.

Bring up your kids with me at baby.joogostyle.com. Parenting tips.

Christina Siew

Christina Siew is the main writer at JoogoStyle.com. She is a mother to two daughters in their humble abode in Singapore. One was born in 2017, and another was born as a leap year baby in 2020. Her husband is her favourite travel partner and they love exploring the world together. To let their elder daughter join in the fun, they whisked her off to Japan when she was only eight months old. Start young, they say. In precious moments of free time, she would sneak off to write at joogostyle.com.

Other than writing for travellers, homeowners and parents, she pens down her thoughts and reflections about current affairs, life and spirituality at joogostyle.com/tag/chronicles.

Let’s journey together!