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Be in a community / Shedding of Old Wineskins

Be in a community / Shedding of Old Wineskins

Shared a private diary entry with a friend, because she played a part in what or how God was speaking to me about. A portion of it resonated with her and so I thought, perhaps more people need or want to read this and feel 

Confinement. Quarantine.

Same same, but different. For the whole of March 2020, I’m on a 28-day confinement for my post-partum. A Chinese practice common for mothers who just gave birth in this part of the world. Other Asians, like the Malays and Indians, have similar practices with 


It’s a hot topic now. Even if the Christians don’t blame God, non believers will be quick to point out, “Where is your God?” God didn’t send out the virus, but Satan/Devil did. So it’s natural that the enemy attack Christians, God’s people. But this 

Contentment, fear and faith

CONTENTMENT In the midst of crisis, the one thing you will look forward to is the simple rhythms of life. The desire for normalcy to return. Once you’re out of crisis, you deeply appreciate the moments of a mundane life. So while you are in 

Hubby was in Hospital

I want to write more. But I take a long time to draft and edit a post. And now, I sorely lack time and energy. Moreover, as I grow older, I start to censor my private life more when I write in public. Even then,