Full Term?


Initially I wanted baby to come later at full full term of 40th week because of my fear of labour pain and the first year with a newborn. But soon, I rather get over and done with instead of living everyday on the tenterhooks. So was hoping the baby to come on a nice date, 20/02/20…still not here. So 22/02/20… still not here.

Perhaps, the wait is so I could hear this during last Sunday sermon. A reminder of what I have read before: God’s initial design didn’t include labour pain. It was until the fall/sin of Eve that labour pulsates with pain. But now, Jesus has come to redeem us from the curse of all pain, including labour pain. Pastor shared about how he was preaching about supernatural childbirth when he was a young, ignorant, unmarried and childless preacher. However as he declared God’s word, faith of mothers increased. Thereafter, there were testimonies after testimonies of supernatural birth in church.

For with God nothing will be impossible.

Luke 1:37

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