Interested in working with JoogoStyle? You’re in the right place.

JoogoStyle reaches out to travellers, homeowners, and parents. I love working with brands that I believe in and are beneficial to these three specific groups of audience.

Find out what JoogoStyle can do for your brand. I have worked with many brands previously and produced fantastic deliverables. Whatever size of your campaign, I am sure we can work some magic together.

Collaborations can include:

  • Bespoke content campaigns (combining blog, video and social)
  • Sponsored blog posts and social media posts
  • Involvement in existing brand campaigns
  • Brand placement and product photography
  • Press trip attendance
  • Article contribution to other publications
  • Ambassador Programmes
  • Affiliate Programmes

If you are interested to collaborate, email me at [email protected]. Or through this contact form. Let me know your requirements in the email and I will tailor packages to your needs.

Brands I Have Worked With

I have collaborated with some of the best in the business. Here are a few companies I have worked with on content campaigns:

Testimonials from Brands

Collaborating with Christina has been a wonderful experience. Communication with her is a breeze and her replies have always been prompt. She writes her genuine experience with her readers while ensuring that the information is accurate.

Ruzzie, DW Aircon

It has been such as wonderful experience collaborating with Christina as she writes accurately and with precision about the experience that she had with Madam Partum.

She will not hesitate to check in with you to ensure that she is providing in-depth information to share with her readers so as to continually ensure that she presents the truth and facts, without misconstruing them.

She dedicates her time to produce a beautiful written article that is easy to read and with pictures that accompanies her writings effectively for our company.

Lynda, Madam Partum

Christina from JoogoStyle is extremely pleasant to work with. Her response is always prompt, and we are very impressed with how great she is at managing timelines, given she has just given birth to her second baby. We love her writing style, and are definitely very satisfied with the article she has written for us.

Wini and Ryan, Orange Studios

It was very smooth and easy liaising with Christina. She is conscientious and detailed in understanding our products and services, making sure that accurate information and authentic views are presented to her readers.

Jalea, ThomsonBaby

Testimonials from Readers