Brevity of Life in the Timeline of Eternity

Brevity of Life in the Timeline of Eternity

On a painful journey to open up old wounds and forgive. On a low self esteem journey of seeing how all the things I do seem unfruitful and thus almost meaningless as a result. On a sleepless journey of not having enough sleep through the 

Rage and Sleep

Rage and Sleep

Is it an accumulation of physical and emotional exhaustion? I’m feeling this rage in me more frequently these two months. It’s an uncontrollable self destructive explosive kind of rage. Like my heart is going to explode outwards. Need to shout, need to punch. I give 

Jubilee is a month old!

Jubilee is a month old!

• 满月了• Baby Jubilee, happy one month old!! To celebrate, your mama decided to jailbreak on the last day of confinement month and bring you out with Papa and Jiejie.  The sun shone brightly and warmly to welcome your day out to botanic gardens. 

Confinement. Quarantine.

Same same, but different. For the whole of March 2020, I’m on a 28-day confinement for my post-partum. A Chinese practice common for mothers who just gave birth in this part of the world. Other Asians, like the Malays and Indians, have similar practices with 

Full Term?

Initially I wanted baby to come later at full full term of 40th week because of my fear of labour pain and the first year with a newborn. But soon, I rather get over and done with instead of living everyday on the tenterhooks. So 

With Wuhan Coronovirus Virus

Seen: Baby boys killed. So Pharaoh commanded all his people, saying, “Every son who is born you shall cast into the river, and every daughter you shall save alive.” Exodus 1:22 Unseen: Baby Moses was saved among the killings and even got the best resources 

Mother of two

Week 30. I saw the digit 3 and it suddenly dawned upon me that the time is soon. I continued reading the devotional book for pregnancy, with a nagging thought at the back of my mind, “I’m like this is getting real.” I agonised over 

Motherhood in Church

I love my church, but no church is perfect. In a big church, one has to be more proactive getting support, and I’m not. The mother’s group the church connected me to was more like a support group for the servers. They are mothers with 

His Wisdom, His Plan

Was asking God about a decision over baby EX’s kindergarten. It’s a good school, but expensive. Not sure if it’s necessary expense at such age. Good because it’s church based and encourages learning through play. Usually such schools of learning in Singapore come with hefty 

Is Life Beyond Grades?

I was initially nonchalant about this ‘Life Beyond Grades’ campaign (“Campaign”). The name of the Campaign is self-explanatory but many people did not take it at surface level. With the increasing flak it received, I started to look into it. The whole saga reminded me