Watercolours as Therapy

A TCM consultant recommended I pick up drawing/painting as a way to relax. I was not too sure if I had the time and interest to do a class. Just so happen, I was looking for an illustrator and found myself inclined to watercolour illustrations. But all the illustrators are too busy to take up the project. So I thought I could try illustrating myself for fun. I wasn’t confident, I know nuts about painting.

With some nudges from God, I started doodling with my kid’s watercolours for the Holy Week. I decided to stop judging myself and went ahead. I had to tell myself the painting doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty. I knew God meant it to be more of a therapeutic process than coming out with a masterpiece.

I googled and watched a video to learn about Watercolours 101. Used a few basic techniques and they worked out quite well to kickstart my journey. I had very low expectations for my painting, so I was surprised I manage to draw out something “legible” – washing of the foot. I think it’s not too bad! Didn’t have much of how I wanted the illustration to be, I simply let things flow and see where each brushstroke took me. Perhaps that’s the therapy of going where the spirit blows.

The teacher in the video said, “You wait for the paint to dry in watercolours. So I wait a lot.”

When she said that, I knew why God asked me to do watercolours. To train my patience!

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