Saturday Night Chat

A few days of sleep training and Evangeline began sleeping longer hours through the night. The naps are another story. Stubborn baby in the afternoon, but the cries are gradually getting shorter too.

Hubby began imagining the movie nights and the nights I can finally head out for dinner appointments.

On the other hand, I was managing my expectations. Because of my history in life, I have learnt not to raise my hopes too high, too fast.

True that, the sleep training took a reverse gear. The cries went bad. Are we doing things right? Should we stop the heartbreaking cries?

Then I remember reading somewhere that things will suddenly get worse before it gets better.

Scouring through the Facebook support group, I found an eye catching term and googled it – extinction burst. Yup, I’m on the right track. Hopefully her sleep get better and better!

Anyway, Friday night, i slept 2+2 hours. The break in between was also partly due to my insomnia. I was deadbeat in the morning.

I planned to sleep early on Saturday night (10 Mar 18). Shower and sleep.

Just before I could shower, my neighbor texted me that her husband and her are back home. She wanted to collect the parcel the delivery man left at our place. Hubby asked me to go along with him to pass them the parcel and some chocolates from us.

What I assumed would be a 5 mins greetings, turned out to be almost 3 hours of talking until past midnight.

We set up chairs outside our units, because we needed to keep the noise away from Evangeline, yet be able to hear her.

One held a 100 plus, one a glass of red wine, and hubby a can of Guinness stout. I had nothing – the cup of water I just drank would do.

It was a nice night.

Before sleep training, all three of us have to rush to prep for the night and turn in real early. Now we had a taste of freedom. Adult conversations without interruptions from the baby.

As we talked, hubby told them about my Mexico trip and Love,Pinkie book. I totally forgot I had gone to Mexico on a solo trip many years back. Was I too tired? Did I have pregnancy brain?

More likely, it’s the drudgery and challenges of motherhood that have made me forget my past life. Motherhood has also numbed me from all my hopes, dreams, calling and past “glories”.

I seemed to have a split life – one before and one after pregnancy. They say life changed after giving birth, but because of my personality and care arrangement, the intensity for me in early months is insane.

As things get better with her sleep, I’m starting to dream again – to pursue writing, and the works, calling and mission of God.

The Saturday night talk was therapeutic in a way.