Blessed Mother’s Day

I wished I had time to write more, on this website and its sub-domains. I need wisdom on how to carve out time. Also, I need miracles for things people take for granted, like having a baby who can self soothe to sleep and sleep well during the day. If Evangeline can do it, I’m another step closer to leaving her with hubby for longer periods of time and scoot away. Even more so if she stopped breastfeeding. But I’m reluctant to break the bond. Should I wean Evangeline from breastfeeding at one year old, or allow her to self wean?

Today during church service, Ps Mark talked about the eldest daughter being tasked with greater responsibilities at home and thus resulting in a Martha (task oriented and always busy).

That’s the reason why I didn’t want a girl for my first born. I’m one. I wanted a boy to be the big brother to protect his younger sister. Many people say girl is good, because she can be trusted to take care of the younger ones. My point exactly.

My mum is also the eldest, and she’s truly the traditional type. She had to give up schooling at an young age even though she’s smart, to work and take care of her siblings. So I’m like her, we cannot stop doing things, feeling like any downtime is a waste of time. We need to be productive.

And so I can see how it flows through the generations. So I pray to have the wisdom to parent Evangeline.

Pastor Mark said that we should stop being Martha and finally let go and rest like Mary, to sit at Jesus’s feet and enjoy His presence. To take care of ownself first before having the love tank to take care of others.

I suddenly had this thought when a friend posted her baby on Instagram. He is 4 months younger than Evangeline. There are notable differences in developmental milestones. That’s why people always say to have a baby in the beginning of the year instead of end. The growth gap is significant.

But as people get older, the gap seems so minute. Even if it’s 6 months difference, it’s not a big deal.

Time on earth is like during the infancy stage. 10 years seems so long. But as time matures, this 10 years is just a drop in the ocean of eternity.

And how can I not wish all mothers a Blessed Mother’s Day! Mothers are superwomen.

Motherhood still feels surreal. So close to heart, yet I feel detached from it at the same time. Think this is reflected in my write up about motherhood at I wanted to write a heartfelt personal piece about motherhood, yet it turned out to be like an essay with bullet points. But I did insert personal anecdotes, so head over to read it! 🙂

And thank you hubby for surprising me with a lovely bouquet of flowers! 🙂 Totally didn’t expect it because he has already ordered a huge gift as mother’s day and push gift. Though I think flowers are a waste of money, I was still so happy to receive it! I burst out a joyful smile! Guess I’m still a sucker for flowers. Hehe.

This journey of motherhood would be so much harder if he has not been that hands on. Love you hubby! 😘😘