Thanksgiving 2024 (School)

11 Jan 24

It’s been years since I went to a prayer meeting. Today I went, and I’m thankful for that.

During the Thanksgiving/testimony segment, two ladies were tasked to share.

“What would I share if I had the chance?” I thought. Then my past and present came to mind, and I saw God’s faithfulness.

From primary to secondary school, I was the only one from my previous school. I didn’t know anyone in the new school.

From secondary to junior college, I was the only one too. I didn’t know anyone.

From junior college to university and hostel, I was the only one too. I didn’t know anyone.

For someone who gravitates to familiar faces in social settings, going through each transition alone was hard. Yes, a new beginning with a clean slate, but it also meant I had to start from scratch again and again. Things would have been less scary and lonely if there were people I knew in a new environment. I had to adapt and it left me little energy to maintain past friendships. That slowly became the story of my life — friends didn’t stick around long enough and we would grow apart as time goes.

Seeing the water flowing

However, it seems like God is redeeming and healing those parts of life. As my daughter enters primary school, I am thankful God brought people along to journey with us. She doesn’t have classmates from kindergarten going to the same primary school, but she had friends from elsewhere.

Two other friends from Sunday school are also in the same primary school. Comforting to have familiar faces around.

Moreover, when we were considering this primary school, we found out her friend in swim class is from the same school! After we got into the school, they were assigned to different swim classes. Like they were in the same class just for us to connect. Her friend’s mother gave me good tips for school and told me about the prayer meeting today. For the first few days, this friend guided Grace on what she should do during pick-up – spot mummy and leave the school. It’s nice to have mini catch-ups and lunch together after school right from the beginning.

Then after P1 orientation, a girl from the swim school recognised Grace from the orientation. Later it turns out that they were allotted in the same class!

And today at the prayer meeting, I happened to sit beside this lady whose child is in the same class as Grace. And guess what, the child is in the same recess buddy group as Grace! How I was divinely planted.

It’s timely even, for the past two days, I was feeling down because of some relational matters. Yet I’ve been blessed to be able to connect to so many mothers right from the beginning. Even at the orientation in Dec, I had some mini doubts if this is the right school. But these divine connections made me feel that it’s somehow right time, right place.

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