Post Holiday Blues

I came back rejuvenated to write about my recent trip – the trip to Japan, the trip with an 8 month old baby to a cold country. Had so many posts drafted in my mind. Japan inspired me to put thought and effort in everything I do, even in the tiniest details.

The trip also fuelled my desire to see more of the world. Evangeline inherited my curious genes, always curious at the world outside our home.

Yet I’m feeling the post holiday blues tonight, coupled with the heaviness of sleep training.

Since hubby took Friday off, I decided we should sleep train my baby girl. And the first time we did the check and leave method, she cried for 2 hours before falling asleep in a sitting position. There were many other mishaps and heartbreaks as well. She looked at me while crying hard, as if saying, “Why are you abandoning me, mummy?” Broke my heart. Her incessant crying also contributed to my headache these two days.

Not sure the point of this rambling post. I guess I just needed an outlet to vent.