Jubilee is a month old!

• 满月了•

Baby Jubilee, happy one month old!! To celebrate, your mama decided to jailbreak on the last day of confinement month and bring you out with Papa and Jiejie.  The sun shone brightly and warmly to welcome your day out to botanic gardens. Hope you enjoyed the fresh air and greenery as much as mama.

Grow up soon to enjoy the @mcdsg breakfast we had, and to play ball and bubbles with Jiejie!

Grow up well with Jiejie even though you have been pushed, pulled, rocked and beaten by Jiejie. Hope you feel and remember her incessant hugs, kisses and sayangs of you instead.

Grow up happy like your name suggests. Hope your crying at the top of your voice now will turn into laughing at the top of your voice.

Grow up healthy even though we had to see the paediatrician at 3 weeks because of your loud grunts through the night. Turn out you have a real stuffy nose that’s causing lots of wind in your stomach. Think your cries and screams contribute to that too.

Grow up feeling loved. Daddy God loves you unconditionally. Papa, mama and Jiejie love you deep deep. Thanks for coming into our lives and bringing love into our hearts. ❤️

Jubilee happy that we jailbreak!