When it’s War

When it’s War

Bomb. The first bomb dropped. Everyone scurried to shelter. When peace descended, everyone rushed to the grocery shops to stock up food and other essentials. Hospitals were filled, doctors and nurses working tirelessly, selflessly. The siren went off, and everyone ran back to their own 

Jubilee is a month old!

Jubilee is a month old!

• 满月了• Baby Jubilee, happy one month old!! To celebrate, your mama decided to jailbreak on the last day of confinement month and bring you out with Papa and Jiejie.  The sun shone brightly and warmly to welcome your day out to botanic gardens. 

With Wuhan Coronovirus Virus

Seen: Baby boys killed. So Pharaoh commanded all his people, saying, “Every son who is born you shall cast into the river, and every daughter you shall save alive.” Exodus 1:22 Unseen: Baby Moses was saved among the killings and even got the best resources 

Life’s Short

I’ve so many drafts in my mind that I want to flesh out and publish. But other things seem to take priorities, and writing took a back seat. My recent life lesson from God: Life’s unpredictable. Life’s short. No matter how well man plans, life 

His Wisdom, His Plan

Was asking God about a decision over baby EX’s kindergarten. It’s a good school, but expensive. Not sure if it’s necessary expense at such age. Good because it’s church based and encourages learning through play. Usually such schools of learning in Singapore come with hefty 

In the Face of Death.

I was screaming in my head. Or was I praying out loud? Everything happened in a blur. I was drowning. No, a pillow was pressed against my face. No, I was merely standing in a shroud of hot steam that filled the shower cubicle. The