About Netflix, me as a Christian

I’m not sure if it’s obvious to viewers, regardless Christians or not, but netflix is rather anti-Jesus and all things related to him. That includes His followers aka the christians, and His teachings aka the bible.

The shows that netflix promote usually have a strong message that’s contrary to bible teachings. And shows that make subtle snubs on Christians. And shows that instill fear in viewers.

Anyhow, netflix shows are shaping opinions of a new generation and cultivating a culture that’s getting further away from Christian teachings.

Yet, I know a throng of Christians who subscribe to netflix, and fans of it. That includes my husband. He knows the agenda of Netflix, yet he still likes the shows on Netflix. I like some of the shows for its different perspective but sometimes my spirit is grieved at the obvious degradation of life in sin. I also liked documentaries that are more neutral in nature, and expand my mind beyond my small box of brain.

Perhaps, Netflix is like yoga. Yoga has ancient spiritual roots, yet many Christians still practice it. It’s like a tug of war of spiritual and flesh. We tell ourselves to not be a spiritual hobo, and over-spirtualised things. We rationalised it’s okay.

Anyway, I digress.

I was watching the show, ‘Downsizing’ on Netflix, and in the shoes of the main character, I made the same choice as him.

(spoiler alert)

Thinking it’s end of world, I like the main lead thought it’s obvious to join this group of people to head into a deep tunnel to save our own lives. But his travel companions thought he is crazy. I’m like they are the crazy ones for not wanting to join.. until someone said, they’re like a cult. Suddenly my eyes opened!

On hindsight, there were the signs of cult and cult leader during the show, but I didn’t see them. I used to not understand how people can get influenced into a cult when the driving idea behind it was a blatant lie.

But now, I got “brainwashed” into one of the end of the world cult. Thankfully it’s just a TV show, and the word cult took the blinds off my eyes.

I’m disturbed by what happened. We thought we are smart and not suspectible to such things…but it can come in many shapes and sizes, for e.g. in the form of netflix? 😛

The enemy is a prowling lion.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

1 Peter 5:8